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The O-Factor Calculator

What is the EDI O-Factor Calculator?

This exciting new tool puts you, the business manager, in the driver’s seat.  Once you've configured the calculator to your facility, the EDI O-Factor Calculator lets you see how your business outcomes can be best achieved and what O-Factor is right for your facility. 

The EDI O-Factor Calculator is Step 1.  Once you've determined the O-Factor for your facility, Step 2 is to contact an EDI aeration expert to better understand how an aeration solution from EDI can specifically meet the objectives for your facility.  

What are the specific outcomes that you would like from the aeration system at your facility?  The O-Factor is the specific diffuser profile that best delivers these outcomes.  Aeration is more than the supply of oxygen, mixing, or oxygen transfer efficiency.  For the application engineers at EDI, it’s about helping you achieve your business objectives.  

Simply put; whether your business objective is first cost, up-time, energy consumption, or total ownership cost, there is a specific O-Factor that is right for your enterprise!