Ideal solution for single drop, mixing applications

EDI HexAir™ diffuser is ideally suited when continuous online performance and low maintenance cost are a must. This includes flow conveyance channels, pump wet wells, and single reactor applications. The system features a rod-thru design allowing all in-basin piping and diffuser elements to be mechanically cleaned should an obstruction develop.

Standard construction includes metal drop pipe and heavy walled impact resistant ABS shear element. Drop pipe material of construction is commonly stainless or galvanized steel for maximum mechanical strength and reliability.

The EDI HexAir™ diffuser is best suited when high shear energy is desired. This is particularly beneficial in high solids applications.


•  Rod-thru diffuser design
•  Available in 1" (30mm) and 2" (65mm)
•  High shear mixing
•  Low maintenance
•  Heavy wall impact resistant ABS construction