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Fine Bubble Aeration

FlexAir™ MiniPanel™

High Oxygen Transfer Efficiency for Maximum Customer Value

EDI FlexAir™ MiniPanel™ diffuser is a unique, fine pore, flexible membrane diffuser that provides superior operational flexibility and oxygen transfer efficiency compared to other membrane or rigid fine pore (ceramic) diffusers.

The MiniPanel diffuser features an exclusive top-half only perforation design. This design produces optimum oxygen transfer efficiency performance. A full 380 in2 (0.245 m2) of perforated area is provided with a single MiniPanel diffuser (760 in2 (0.490 m2) per diffuser assembly. The geometry of the diffuser supports high diffuser density applications over 65% floor coverage when the highest oxygen transfer efficiency is desired.

Unique to the FlexAir product is the ability to configure the diffuser for the objectives of the application. The MiniPanel diffuser may be configured with a micro pore or nano pore membrane for optimized OTE and operating pressure performance. All FlexAir diffusers are configured with premium quality membranes that are engineered by the Membrane Technologies division at EDI. Alternate membrane materials and perforation patterns are available for non-standard industrial or municipal applications.

An integral triple-check valve feature prevents the backflow of liquid into the diffuser and piping. The FlexAir MiniPanel diffuser is ideally suited for on/off applications and requires minimal maintenance for long-term performance.

This diffuser is constructed of PVC or ABS for maximum chemical resistance and mechanical durability. ABS construction is recommended for high-temperature applications or where cold temperature durability is required.


Exclusively available with the Spectrum Saddle Mount, this allows for maximum mechanical durability and ease of installation and maintenance. Unique to the Spectrum Saddle Mount is the ability to relocate or add diffusers to match process demands. This feature allows the aeration system to be reconfigured to match the specific oxygen demand or air handling requirements of the process. This is particularly beneficial in BNR applications where tight dissolved oxygen control is paramount. System expansions are also easily accommodated with this feature.

FlexAir™ MiniPanel™

 MiniPanel Diffuser

•  Saddle mounted
•  7.5-inch (190mm) panel
•  Available with PVC, CPVC, ABS, SS piping options
•  Top only panel perforation
•  Standard length of 53.5 inches (1.36mm)




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Fine Bubble MiniPanel Diffuser