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Fine Bubble Aeration

FlexAir™ Tube

FlexAir™ T-Series tube diffuser offers maximum performance at minimum cost.

This fine pore, flexible membrane diffuser is capable of providing a high level of oxygen transfer efficiency with maximum operating flexibility.

Specifically perforated for high volumetric air handling capacity and head-loss efficiency, the units are configured with a premium quality EPDM rubber membrane sleeve. For industrial and non-standard domestic applications, alternate membrane materials, including urethane, silicone, and other specialty polymers, are available. Alternate perforation patterns are available for energy-sensitive applications or where maximum oxygen transfer efficiency is desired. Membranes used on the FlexAir T-Series units are engineered by the EDI Membrane Technologies division.
The FlexAir T-Series diffuser unit may be operated over a wide range of airflows and requires minimum maintenance for long-term performance. The external triple-check valve system minimizes the intrusion of water and solids into the diffuser unit and air supply piping under normal operation conditions.
Standard FlexAir T-Series diffusers with ¾-inch NPT (male) stainless steel nipples are factory assembled and ready for installation.

FlexAir™ Tube

Fine Bubble Tube
• Threaded or Saddle Mounted
• XL 2-inch (65mm) & Magnum™ 3-inch (92mm) diameters
• Available with PVC, CPVC, ABS, SS piping options
• Full circumferential perforation
• Available in multiple lengths

FlexAir Disc
FlexAir Tube
FlexAir Panel

Fine Bubble Tube Diffusers