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Industrial Aeration Works
Industrial Aeration Works

Industrial Aeration Solutions

EDI’s Industrial Aeration Solutions™ division has been the worldwide leader for industrial wastewater aeration needs since 1975. We have designed, installed, and serviced aeration systems for Pulp & Paper, Food & Beverage (Beef, Pork, Poultry, Dairy), Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Petroleum, and Oil & Gas among others.
Industrial Aeration Design
Industrial Aeration Service
Industrial Aeration Systems

Industrial Design

EDI's team of highly certified engineers have designed hundreds of industrial wastewater aeration systems worldwide.

Industrial Service

Aeration Works™ (the service division of EDI) is the largest and most respected aeration service company in the world.

Industrial Systems

The patented StreamLine™ panel was engineered to meet the demanding needs of all industrial applications.

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Industrial Aeration Works
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Industrial Aeration Solutions