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IDEAL Solution
IDEAL Solution
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Intermittently Decanted Extended Aeration Lagoon

The Intermittently Decanted Extended Aeration Lagoon, or IDEAL, consists of an EDI floating lateral aeration system with Magnum fine bubble diffusers, two chains of BioReef BioCurtain, a static decanter with flow control valves, an overflow pipe with Storm Mode™, process controls, and a blower package. The simple operation of the IDEAL provides easy, cost-effective operation while the sophistication of the design provides high levels of BOD, TSS and ammonia removal.

The process requires no active sludge management and extremely high flow events present no operational problem or concern from washout of the reactor. The IDEAL also provides up to 66% total nitrogen as part of the basic package, which means the owner is already prepared for future increases in nitrate or nitrogen requirements. The unique ability of the IDEAL to provide front-of-plant treatment provides several benefits over other lagoon-based technologies. 

First, the warmest water in the winter is found in the first cell.  By performing treatment in the first cell the need for thermal covers is reduced. 

Second, by removing ammonia at the front of the plant the system can utilize the influent carbon for denitrification, which provides oxygen and alkalinity recovery while helping to meet future regulations without having to incorporate expensive future components. 

Last, because the sludge is retained in the first cell there is no need to operate and maintain sludge return pumps.

IDEAL Benefits


  • Front-of-the-Plant Ammonia Removal

    Removing ammonia at the front of the plant provides several benefits. Other processes look to the back of the plant for ammonia removal where BOD concentration is lowest. The IDEAL Process removes BOD and ammonia up front where warm, carbon-rich influent water is available to increase biological activity and denitrify for easy recovery of oxygen and alkalinity.
  • Nitrate and Total Nitrogen Removal

    Total nitrogen and nitrate restrictions are on the horizon. Converting ammonia to nitrate is only the first step. Denitrification, or removing nitrate, is the second step necessary for total nitrogen removal. The IDEAL Process provides this benefit as a natural function of the process, whereas many other systems require expensive upgrades to achieve similar results.
  • Energy and Chemical Savings 

    Microbes use nitrate in the same way they use oxygen. Denitrification that occurs naturally in the IDEAL process reduces oxygen requirements and provides decreased operational energy cost. The alkalinity recovered during denitrification can decrease or eliminate the need for chemical addition that is needed in some plants so complete nitrification can occur.
  • Worry-Free Operation During and After Peak-Plus Flow Events

    The IDEAL Process has shown an excellent ability to resist washout during heavy water surges and easily adjusts to varying degrees of loading.
  • Long-Term Compliance Planning

    Upgrades for advanced system control and maximum pollutant removal are made simple. No modification to the core treatment process is necessary for expansion of performance.

IDEAL Solution
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IDEAL Solution