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IS Solution
IS Solution

IS™ Solution

The patented EDI Lagoon Solutions – Internal Separator (IS™) Solution system uses an innovative biological solids separator module to increase biomass concentration in a completely mixed cell by prolonging sludge retention time (SRT). An increased biomass concentration, or mixed liquor suspended solids (MLSS), results in a more efficient treatment basin. The longer SRT helps to provide complete BOD and ammonia removal.

 The key innovation of the IS Solution is the maintenance-free nature of the system. There is no ongoing maintenance requirement once the modules are installed.  The operator receives the treatment benefits of an activated sludge lagoon without the hassle of clarifier management, sludge return, and sludge wasting, as well as all the pump maintenance and adjustment that accompanies a traditional system.

Some of the benefits of the IS Solution by EDI Lagoon Solutions include:

      –    Simple Operation
      –    Keeps biomass in the primary cell for BOD removal and nitrification
     –    Low operational cost
     –    No change in operator license required 

The IS Solution is an excellent option for lagoon upgrades or new treatment systems with an average design flow not greater than 100,000 gpd, peak flows not more than 4x the average design flow, and basins that are a minimum of 8-ft deep.  If your system is designed for larger flows, high peaking factors, or water depths of less than 8-ft, we recommend considering the IDEAL Solution for your treatment needs.

IS Solution™

IS Solution
•  Internal separator system
•  Full nitrification, even in cold environments
•  Continuous inflow & discharge
•  Low operating & maintenance costs
•  Complete mix reactor

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