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Evaluation Services

Do you know your plant could run more efficiently, but are not sure what steps to take?

Our team can evaluate your system and give you what your system needs and how we can provide a unique solution with our installation, maintenance or replacement services.

Just download and fill out our Evaluation Form, submit it, and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Questions about the form? Feel free to contact us at 1-800-AIR8 and ask for Aeration Works OR email us here

Evaluation Service Solutions

Taylorsville, NC WWTP
The Town of Taylorsville contacted Aeration Works for a System Evaluation. System improvements included additional diffusers and air piping. Plant capacity was increased to allow the normal waste stream to be run through one of two basins for operational flexibility. The Infinity Maintenance Program was also chosen to insure the system is running in optimum condition going forward. 

St. Anthony, ID WWTP
The City of St. Anthony was shopping for replacement diffuser membranes on a competitor's system that was no longer manufactured. Through a collaboration with Aeration Works and the Operator, it was determined that the existing piping could be used for an upgrade to EDI diffusers, which gave the operator the most current diffuser technology and increased operation flexibility. Aeration Works provided a Turnkey solution with materials and installation labor. 

Curtiss, WI WWTP
The Village of Curtiss and their Consulting Engineer called Aeration Works requesting maintenance on the 10-year-old system. Aeration Works reviewed the system design and determined that the performance could be increased by upgrading the existing diffuser models without modifying the piping. This solution minimized the cost and allowed the operator to meet permit requirements. The Infinity Maintenance Program was selected to maintain the equipment in peak operation conditions

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