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Installation Service

EDI's Aeration Works (AW) division streamlines project delivery by providing factory-authorized installation services. This means you have the best in system design and installation. You simply provide access to the tank, lagoon, or basin and contract AW to do the rest.


There are four (4) warranty options available for the end user when Aeration Works is involved in the installation of an EDI system:
1. Aeration Works Inspection for General Performance
 This inspection by qualified Aeration Works personnel is performed to make sure all aspects of the installation were done in accordance with factory-standard procedures.  Once confirmed, Aeration Works warrants the start-up performance of the system.

2. Aeration Works Supervised Installation
When an installation is accomplished under the direct supervision of an Aeration Works supervisor, the system is certified that it will perform to the factory specifications.

3. Contractor Installed; Aeration Works Tested
 After a contractor installed system is considered to be ready for startup, Aeration Works can be contracted to do a complete and thorough inspection. Any items determined to not be correctly installed are then brought to the attention of the system operators.   
4. Aeration Works System Installations
 When AW is contracted to install a new system, extended warranties (for both product defects as well as  system performance) are available.

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