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Solution Upgrades to Industry Standards | St. Anthony, ID


Customer Profile

The City of St. Anthony, Idaho, operates a partially mixed aerated lagoon for treatment of wastewater, serving a population of approximately 3,600. The facility discharges into Henry’s Fork of the Snake River, a worldclass wild trout fishery.

Project Summary

Discharging into a world-class trout fishery, the City of St. Anthony is conscientious about maintaining its treatment system. When it came time to replace components of its diffused aeration system, the city determined that the manufacturer of its diffuser system was no longer in business. Not only were replacement diffusers no longer available, but the system was not one of the industry-standard sizes, making replacement in kind with readily available stock diffusers impossible. What was needed was a solution that would bring the city’s system up to current standards and facilitate maintenance in the future.

Replacement Aeration System Increased Loading, Helps Ensure Compliance

The City called upon EDI to evaluate its system and determine what was required for treatment not only today, but for ease of maintenance going forward. While EDI had the capability to manufacture nonstandard- size diffusers to match the City’s existing system, to do so would have been costly and would have locked the City into special ordering diffuser components in the future. Instead, EDI proposed to upgrade the City’s existing system, retrofitting it to utilize premium diffusers. EDI provided a turnkey solution, evaluating the treatment requirements, developing design solutions, assisting with equipment selections, and installing the equipment into the existing lagoons. The final solution replaced the obsolete system with a more efficient, upgraded design that will be easy to maintain with standard, stock diffuser components.


“The crew from Aeration Works at EDI was really good to work with. From the beginning we could tell that they were willing to go “above and beyond” normal efforts to make sure the diffusers for our system were installed in the most professional manner. And it wasn’t only the field crew that impressed us. Their folks in the office provided excellent support to see that we received the right products, and on time. So far everything is working as planned and we think our new system is going to be much easier to do standard maintenance on.”

-Joe Henry, Chief Operator