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Industrial Repair | Before and After - Johnston, RI

Johnston Plant - Before

Industrial Repair | Before and After - Winder, GA

winder-ga-1 winder-ga-3 winder-ga-4 winder-ga-5 winder-ga-6

In the below pictures, you can see a step-by-step progression of an AW repair on a panel aeration system in Winder, GA. In Picture 1, you can see that the panel diffuser in the middle has broken off of the lateral and needs replacing. The plant also needed to replace all of the membranes (Picture 2), and realign the laterals (Picture 3/4). Now the plant is back up and working like new (Picture 5).


"The crew from AerationWorks was really good to work with. From the beginning we could tell that they were willing to go 'above and beyond' normal efforts to make sure the diffusers for our system were installed in the most professional manner. And it wasn't only the field crew that impressed us. Their folks in the office provided excellent support to see that we received the right products, and on time. So far everything is working as planned, and we think our new system is going to be much easier to do standard maintenance on."

Joe Henry
Chief Operator, City of St. Anthony

"Aeration Works installed our aeration system in 2011. Since then, we have called upon them to perform maintenance on the system, do minor repairs and clean up the system. While working with Aeration Works crews, we have been able to do improvements to the system to make it run more efficiently. The crews are well-trained on the systems and know what it takes to fix any problem that may come up."

Operator, City of Linn

"The crew you sent here was one of the best I have ever had the pleasure to work with. They were very professional and extremely skilled in the installation process. They did an excellent job on what could be a very difficult and at times dangerous job. Please share our congratulations on a job well done from the District Board and my personal staff."

Maury Dobbs
Seward, IL

"Aeration Works was hired to install a floating lateral aeration system in a 1 MGD lagoon. Their crew had all of the specialized tools and equipment needed and had the system up and running in no time at all. As the system came up, we were overwhelmed with the mixing and aeration numbers we got. 

We purchased the Extended Warranty with annual inspection to make sure the performance stays top-notch. They have lived up to their guarantee on this spectacular design and installation."

Eddie Sechrest
Midwestern Refinery Contractor