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All of your equipment, systems, and knowledge, working together in harmony.

Why use controls that just automate, when controls that think and learn can do so much more? Have the best for your specific plant, and have it perform even better.


Symphony-Operations Partner
Operations Partner

Symphony-Intelligent Design
Intelligent Design

Compliance +

Compliance +

Symphony is a path beyond compliance.  It empowers management to do “more with less”; better manage budget constraints, operate for best value, better utilize staffing resources, improve financial and environmental sustainability, and ultimately deliver higher rate-payer value.

Achieve Business Objectives

Improve Rate Payer Value as an Aggregate Outcome

Symphony optimizes all aspects including energy use, labor use, equipment service life, equipment capacity, capital utilization, and sustainable initiatives.  This broad-based business focus delivers highest value for invested capital.

Better Staff Utilization

Free-up Staff for Human-Critical Functions

The next-generation control systems autonomously manage and operate critical high-frequency variables in real-time without tuning or calibration burdens.  The system is intuitive so operators understand and are comfortable taking their “hands off the wheel”.

Improved Capital Utilization

Expand Budgets with a Holistic View and Focus on Critical Value-Adds

Business-based analytics expand current resources and mitigate rising costs. The aggregate savings frees up resources for business-critical initiatives that have historically been out of reach. 

Insight for Future Planning

Knowledge Based Design, Equipment Sizing, and Capacity Planning

‘Plant specific’ operating data supports accurate capacity and expansion analyses. It also allows robust equipment rationalization when the time comes for the next upgrade.

Support Utility and Regulatory Objectives

Manage Effluent Quality

With a controllable process, management can now consider watershed, reuse, and permitting implications, as well as running the plant to deliver required average performance; not just treat to the maximum.

Demand Side Management

Manage Electric Power Use During Peak and Capacity Limiting Situations

The wastewater plant operations, one of the larger loads on the community’s power grid, can now be aligned with power supply metrics. This collaboration between wastewater and power utilities can reduce operating costs and mitigate supply limits.

Improve Environmental Sustainability

Implement More Best Management Practices (BMP)

Installing BMPs have incentives and long-term constituent value that go beyond compliance.  Reducing greenhouse gas emission, total power use, and nutrient trading are executable endeavors under Symphony. 

Operations Partner

Operations Partner

Symphony isn’t another tool that sits in your toolbox; it’s your 24/7 onsite advisor.  Symphony continuously monitors plant performance, projects future events, and develops real-time management and operational protocols to best meet your plant’s operational goals.

Peace of Mind

Full Operator Confidence with Fail-Safes and Overrides

With over 10yrs of operating history and lessons learned, the robust network of fail-safes and user set preferences provide operational confidence against anticipated and unanticipated events.

Seamless User Experience

High User Fluency through ‘Onsite Training’ and ‘Virtual Programs & Tools’

Unlike control systems that work behind the scene, Symphony is up-front. It uses interactive interfaces and dashboards that are intuitive to plant staff and management. User support programs ensure high user fluency, continual product improvement, and sustained value. 

Transformative Productivity Growth

Harmonized Human, Machine, and Virtual Assets

Symphony closes existing gaps between humans, controls, and machine interfaces to achieve ultimate plant performance. Now operators and management can freely interface with the system, since the automation is partnered and operates under the watchful eye of the staff.

Reliability-Centered Maintenance

Smart Analytics Pace Maintenance to Business Objectives

Symphony’s “analytics” support reliability centered decisions. Strategies are specific and calibrated to each asset. This ensures instruments and machines meet the Utility’s business objectives within their present operating context.  

Asset Management

Parts and Services for All Brands

Global aftermarket division of Symphony services all related technologies and brands. This accumulated knowhow and capability keep your equipment operating in peak order and performing to the needs of the business.

Intelligent Design

Intelligent Design

With Symphony, intelligent design means that the plant’s physical assets are right-sized using real-time plant performance data.  Operating flexibility and performance, full use of assets, and operational costs are all tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Design Optimization

Right-Sized Process Units

Real-time operating knowledge directly supports capacity evaluations and design activities.  This means that process reactors and equipment are appropriately sized for the full dynamic range, including capacity objectives.

Equipment Optimization

Application Based Equipment Sizing

The selection and sizing of equipment - including aeration, blowers, mixers, pumps, and chemical feed – reflect true min/max requirements and field performance factors.

Real-Time Process Optimization

Dynamic Set-points Adjust to Full Support Performance Targets

Critical operating functions are adjusted in real-time to incoming loads, measured treatment rates, and related environmental conditions.  Proactive management of biomass, oxygen, and chemical balances help ensure more stable and increased treatment performance, enhanced nutrient control, and lowest possible energy use.

Lowest Total Aeration Cost

High Precision, Accuracy, and Automation Efficiency

Tactical command structure provides tight set-point control and eliminates under and over aeration; saving energy, and extending blower and control component service life.  Innovative control loop structure also eliminates control loop pressure losses - further reducing energy use and maximizing blower capacity. 

System Compatibility

Open-Platform Architecture supports Existing Equipment and All Brands

Symphony’s virtual technologies overlay existing I&C and SCADA infrastructure to maintain overall enterprise system functionality. Core components are matched to ensure compatibility and eliminate interface issues. 

High Economic Value and Capital Utilization

Optimized Design and Equipment Selection Based on Plant Economics

Each invested dollar from tank size, to equipment, precision operations, staff utilization, and reliability-centered maintenance is critically evaluated and aligned to the business objectives of the Utility. This ensures fewer non-value added equipment and activities.