A Suite of  Technologies Integrating Controls, Equipment and Service to Deliver
Optimized Biological Performance with Lowest-Cost Plant Operation

Powered by SmartAeration; a Next-Generation 4.0 Digital Solution

Smart Aeration Diagram

SmartAeration Says it All
SmartAeration knows what DO (Dissolved Oxygen) is best for desired process result at your wastewater treatment plant, and how much air is required to maintain the DO set-points throughout the process.

Stepping beyond Automation
SmartAeration knows when a fault condition exists, and pulls in specific protocols that are customized for your plant. Furthermore, SmartAeration aligns maintenance with specific business objectives such as reduction in energy use (up to 50% available with SmartAeration), improvement in effluent quality (up to 25% improvement in effluent TN), extended plant and equipment service life etc. This makes maintenance a manageable activity and provides you the ultimate peace of mind!

For Long Term Value
SmartAeration captures plant-specific design insights; so capital dollars go further. Finally, SmartAeration increases rate-payer value by expanding beyond compliance only targets.   

Wastewater Treatment Plant Optimization Program