Coarse Bubble Aeration

Maximum Mixing; Minimum Maintenance

Coarse bubble diffuser systems offer moderate oxygen transfer efficiency and low maintenance with maximum mixing.  EDI's full spectrum of coarse bubble diffuser platforms provide advances in mechanical reliability, application flexibility, and ease of installation and maintenance.

The primary advantage of this technology is its robust design and ability to mix. First, the circulation and turbulence created by the static tube ensures that the entire water column is mixed adequately and sludge accumulation is limited. Second, the fact that there are no moving parts in the water and the orifices are less prone to clogging makes this a very robust solution.



Otherwise known as large bubble diffusers, coarse bubble diffusers get their name from the type of bubble they produce. Coarse bubble diffused systems are composed of dozens to hundreds of coarse bubble diffusers, each attached to a PVC or stainless steel air supply line fixed to the bottom of the lagoon. The most common coarse bubble aerator for lagoons is what is known as a static tube. When large bubbles are released at the bottom of the tube, they create an effect whereby water is pulled from below the static tube and pushed towards the surface.

Technology included in the system:

Coarse Bubble

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