FlexAir Panel

Premium quality membranes available in EPDM, urethane, or special polymer blends, plus Matrix technologies for reduced fouling and maintenance. Highest diffuser area density for maximum OTE performance up to 65% floor coverage. NanoPoreTM and MicroPoreTM perforations for engineered for OTE and operating pressure requirements. Mounts to 4-inch, 6-inch, 8-inch, 110-mm, and 160-mm pipe sizes. Non-buoyant design for reduced stress on mounting connection. ABS and PVC construction for maximum chemical, temperature, and UV resistance. Nominal 4.75-inch (121 mm diameter) x 54-inch (1359 mm) length for a total active membrane area equal to 380-inch(0.245 m2) per ARM.

  • Category:Fine Bubble Aeration Parts
  • Dimensions:4.75" length