FlexAir T-Series

The FlexAirTM T-Series diffuser unit is a fine pore, flexible membrane diffuser capable of providing a high level of oxygen transfer efficiency with maximum mixing flexibility.

These units are configured with a premium quality EPDM rubber membrane sleeve specifically perforated for high volumetric air handling capacity. For industrial and non-standard domestic applications, alternate membrane materials, including urethane, silicone, PTFE matrix, and other specialty polymers. EDI offers diffusers in a variety of sizes to meet airflow requirements.

These units may be operated over a wide range of airflows. The external triple-check valve system eliminates the intrusion of water and solids into the diffuser unit and air supply piping under normal operating conditions.

Standard FlexAirTM T-Series diffusers with 3/4-inch NPT (male) stainless steel nipples are factory assembled and ready for installation. For specialty applications, alternate inlet connections are available.

  • Category:Fine Bubble Aeration Parts
  • Dimensions:2.6" x 24"; 3.6" x 26"; 2.6" x 30"; 2.6" x 39"; 3.7" x 20"; 3.7" x 30"; 3.7" x 39"