MaxAir SS

EDI's MaxAir SS Broad Band diffusers are stainless steel coarse bubble diffuser assemblies used for maximum mixing applications. Units offer superior coarse bubble distribution and maximum air handling capacity with good oxygen transfer.

Diffusers are constructed of superior materials for long service life. Standard diffuser body is heavy gauge 316 SS sheet and is continuous welded to 316 SS cast inlet and ends.

These units can be applied in the most demanding aeration/mixing applications, including flow equalization, channel mix/aerate, and aerobic digester aeration/mixing applications. The open bottom construction minimizes possible entrapment of solids in the unit when shut off, providing superior long-term operation. If required, EDI can supply the MaxAir units with an optional deflector installed for MBBR service.

MaxAir SS diffusers employ a 3/4-inch diameter NPT (male) threaded inlet for ease of installation and universal application. EDI offers 12-inch and 24-inch SS MaxAir Diffuser Units to meet your application needs.

  • Category:Coarse Bubble Aeration Parts
  • Dimensions:3/4" male NPT; 12.4" and 24.4" diffuser diameter