Making Customers Happy and Remember Us: the EDI Way of Doing Business

On May 26, 2017 MHPS (Mitsubishi Hitachi Power System) of Yokohama, Japan placed another order with EDI, this time for their Central Java Project in Indonesia. For this project, EDI will supply the laterals and Magnum tube diffusers. The 63P Magnum diffusers used in this project are two-third the length of regular Magnum diffusers, which is a unique EDI solution for the particular industry. EDI is also offering a custom clamping solution in this project, to accommodate for potential corrosion on the stainless-steel clamps due to the salinity of the seawater used in the tanks.

EDI has done several projects for MHPS before. The successful completion of this project would lead EDI to the next bigger project with MHPS, as mentioned by Mr. Mel Yamano from EDI Japan Liaison Office.

Mel made another request while sending us the purchase order. In his own words:
“While I was talking with MHPS 2 days ago, they were saying to me that MHPS would appreciate if EDI HQ nominate Tom Mallory as EDI Project Manager on this project when ordered with EDI. MHPS know Tom's nice character and good communication manner with MHPS for last 2 – 3 years. MHPS will be comfortable with Tom for smooth communication to make this project successful.”

This is another Victory for EDI, and especially for Tom Mallory, who earned such a great compliment from the customer with his previous work and agreed to take on the project this time again. As the saying goes, “customers will never forget how you made them feel”!