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Diffuser ExpressTM (DX) is committed to excellence in supplying diffusers, replacement membranes, and specialty diffuser items across all brands for new and existing water and wastewater treatment applications. DX delivers a stream of technology advances using EDI's quality products with "express" service and competitive pricing. Diffuser Express products will keep your aeration system at the front edge of technology. DX stocks a multitude of high-quality aftermarket replacement membranes and parts to upgrade your existing system for improved operational efficiency or increased capacity

Diffuser Express Bi-Fold
Diffuser Express Bi-Fold
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AERCOR/Norton 7-inch Ceramic Dome to Membrane Conversion Kit
Replacement Polyurethane Flapper Check Valve for Wyss Unit
EIMCO Fine Bubble Disc to EDI Fine Bubble Disc Conversion
AERCOR/Norton Ceramic to Membrane Conversion Kit
Sanitaire 9-inch Ceramic to Membrane Conversion Kit
NOPON & Water ENG / WABAG / Hawker Siddley 7-in Porous PE/Ceramic to Membrane Conversion Kit


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The Diffuser Express catalog and our online catalog is your connection to EDI’s advanced
technology aeration products for new construction and upgrade projects. Diffuser Express also stocks a multitude of replacement membranes and parts to upgrade your existing systems for improved operating efficiency or increased capacity. From here, you will benefit from the vast aeration and biological treatment expertise amassed from servicing customers from around the world since 1975.

In this download you will find:

Units and Replacement Parts for:

  • Fine-air Bubble Diffusers
  • Coarse Bubble Diffuses
  • Specialty Items
  • Membrane Replacements
  • Commercial information. 
Purchasing Information
Purchasing Information

SanitareTM 9" Diameter
AercorTM 9" Diameter
EDITM 9" Diameter
SSITM 9" Diameter
U.S. FilterTM 9" Diameter
AquariusTM 9" Diameter


EDI FlexAirTM       
Gummi JagerTM
U.S. FilterTM
Parkson WyssTM
Parkson BioFuserTM        
SSITMMetric Sizes

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