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EDI continues to add new products and technologies through its Innovative Technology Series. In recent years EDI has added the “BABTM BIG BUBBLE MIXERS with Advanced Geyser Technology”, “OMICRONTM Effluent Polishing Filter”, “INFINITETM Oxidation-Ditch for Tuned-Loop Bioreactors”, “FOXTAILTM Attached Growth Media”, “BIOMIZERTM System for Sequencing Mixing Solutions” etc. in this portfolio. EDI’s R&D and Engineering Department with its high caliber in-house engineers are always making new things and working on innovative technologies.


BAB Big Bubble Mixer

BABTM Big Bubble Mixers

Advanced Geyser Technology


BABTM technology is specifically engineered to be integrated with diffuser systems in biological process applications. EDI big bubble mixers use air from the same air supply as aeration diffusers simplifies the overall piping vs. those systems which need special air supply, special piping, and valve actuators or high-pressure compressors.


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BAB Sales Sheet
BAB Sales Sheet
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Omicron: Effluent Polishing Filter

Delivers superior filtration in a wide range of applications

Infinite Oxidation Ditch

Provides enhanced aeration with circulation of reactor content

BioMizer System

Emphasizes the use of high efficiency diffuser systems in broad range of applications

Omicron Polishing Filter

Effluent Polishing Filter


EDI effluent filtration technology delivers superior filtration in a wide range of applications. These applications include removing excess suspended solids from clarifier effluent and filtration of phosphorous from wastewater when flocculation is used ahead of filtration.

Benefits include: high effluent quality, continuous filtering, stable filtration, easy serviceability, simple controls, energy efficient, static media, and MUCH MORE.



Omicron Sales Sheet
Omicron Sales Sheet

Infinite Oxidation Ditch

InfiniteTM Oxidation Ditch
Tuned-Loop Reactor


The InfiniteTM Oxidation Ditch provides enhanced aeration with circulation of reactor content.

Features and Benefits include: Mixing and Aeration with Independent Control, 40-50% Energy Savings vs Mechanical, Choice Technologies of StreamLine, Disc, or Tube, and Parts & Service from EDI.



Infinite Sales Sheet
Infinite Sales Sheet

Infinite Oxidation Ditch

Attached Growth Media


The FoxtailTM Attached Growth Media is used to be distributed in lagoons on floating lateral systems in particular. The EDI FoxtailTM approach for the lagoon allows a huge amount of media to be installed in lagoons where nitrification and/or some denitrification may be desired. It is particularly effective in those cases where the temperature does not get terribly miserable and cold.



Foxtail Sales Sheet
Foxtail Sales Sheet

Infinite Oxidation Ditch
BioMizerTM System
Sequencing Mixing Solutions


The BioMizerTM is an innovative concept emphasizing the use of high efficiency diffuser systems in a broad range of applications including mixing limited applications and nutrient reduction systems. Total system process control is achieved using a programmable BioMizerTM sequencing controller and multiple aeration zones within the system.



BioMizer Sales Sheet
BioMizer Sales Sheet

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