Next-Generation 4.0 Operating Management System


All of your components, equipment, systems, and tools, working together in harmony. Gain savings in energy, operational costs, downtime, & maintenance with Symphony; an operations management system that gives you peace of mind in everything from performance to reliability & beyond.

SymphonyTM is a suite of critical competencies: digital solutions, equipment and services, that all deliver best-in-class performance. SymphonyTM has unparalleled process performance, energy and cost savings, equipment/plant service life, and is unattainable by any other offering in the industry.

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Symphony - Getting the Most From Your Plant


Operations Module: Symphony uses the combined power of two next-generation control systems; BIOS, the strategic system analyzing data from your plant using predictive logic, and PAL, the tactical system to control all your aeration equipment based on that plant-specific data.

Management Module: The management module delivers the analytics you need to properly manage your plant process. With this strategic insight, you can delve deeper in your plant capabilities and plan for future events, expansions, maintenance, and more.

Fine-tune your operating system. Automation with the Maestro software keeps the interface between you, your systems, and your equipment seamless and effective. Drive the most capacity through your plant and maintain a constant level of high performance.

Optimize the design of your aeration system. Find the necessary equipment and the places the process falls short, to build a truly effective aeration system process. From installs and tuning, to upgrades and repair, the right aeration design will maximize your energy savings and sure-up system reliability.

Selected and tuned by Maestro. Just like your aeration system, you can find the specific blower and mixer that will work best with your current process. Provide a full-spectrum response to your air and mixing needs for superior treatment and energy savings.

Manage your entire system easily. Data calibrated to your plant gives you instrument diagnostics, with prompts for maintenance, repair, and performance. We provide parts and services for all brands, making sure the maintenance is centered on reliability and long-term peak performance. 

A Path Beyond Compliance

Symphony empowers utilities to do more with less and manage business objectives beyond compliance.

Your 24/7 On-Site Advisor

Not just another tool sitting in the tool box Symphony is your operations partner to run and maintain your plant.

Transform the Design Process

Design intelligently with data specific to your plant. Use that learned-knowledge for better performance.



Smart Aeration Smart Aeration - Pinwheel
Smart Aeration Knows

With Smart Aeration - a next-generation 4.0 digital solution - automation is no longer reactive, error-based PID logic. Smart Aeration knows what process and DO (dissolved oxygen) setpoints will deliver desired results, and dynamically adjusts operating parameters based on incoming load and influencing environmental conditions.

Aeration control also changes. Smart Aeration knows the air requirements for the entire system and operates the blower and valves to meet individual zone demands.

Smart Aeration's learned-knowledge tunes in real-time as plant conditions change. Now, automation performance is no longer reliant on manual retuning.

Stepping Beyond Automation

Learned-knowledge delivers reliability. With Smart Aeration we plan for failures. Smart Aeration knows when a fault condition exists and pulls in user protocols when necessary.

Furthermore, Smart Aeration aligns maintenance with specific business objectives such as energy efficiency, plant capacity, operating uptime, lowest total ownership cost, etc.

Now, the operations team knows how the plant is being operated under all conditions and maintenance is planned and strategic. This provides peace of mind; something that conventional control systems cannot offer.

For Long Term Value

Smart Aeration captures plant-specific design insights, so capital dollars go further. Now, process units and equipment are sized not only for capacity, but also for turndown, with sufficient flexibility to meet the needs of the plant at start-up.

Now, utilities are stepping beyond compliance - pursuing initiatives including greater capacity, reduced energy use or cost, and broader environmental stewardship objectives.

Achieve Business Objectives

Utility Management
Solutions for Utility Directors
Achieve Business Objectives

Improve Rate-Payer as an Aggregate Outcome
Up to 50% reduction in energy use, up
to 25% improvement in effluent quality,
and extend life of plant and equipment


Manage Effluent Quality
Reduce greenhouse gas emissions,
total power use, and tackle nutrient
trading mandates

Future Planning

Data-Based Insights
Plant specific data provides accurate
process and equipment capacity

Capital Utilization

Eliminate Non-Value-Added Activities
Use current resources for best value
and mitigate rising costs through
analytics. Savings can support your
other critical initiatives.

Demand-Side Management

Manage Electric Power Use
Consider power supply metrics to
reduce operating costs and mitigate
supply limits.

Support Utility Objectives

Best Management Practices
Dial in performance for energy,
watershed, reuse, and permitting
objectives, and develop an
effective management roadmap
for your utility.

Staff Utilization

Free-up Staff for Human-Critical Functions
Autonomously manage critical high-
frequency variables in real-time. No
tuning or calibration burdens.

Achieve Business Objectives

Operations Partner
Solutions for Plant Operators
Peace of Mind

Full Operator Confidence
Continuous performance monitoring,
project future events to meet your
goals, develop real-time operational
protocols, and set preferences with
failsafes & overrides

Asset Management

Consultation and Parts & Services for All Brands
Global aftermarket division supports all
plants and equipment. This accumulated
know-how and capability keeps your plant
operating in peak order and performing to
the needs of the business

Productivity Growth

Harmonized Human, Machine, and Virtual Assests
Gaps between humans, controls, and
machine are eliminated. Now, operators
and management can focus on mission
critical functions

User Experience

On-Site Training & Virtual Programs and Tools
Interface and dashboards that are
intuitive. User support programs
ensure high user fluency

Reliability-Centered Maintenance

Smart Analytics Pace Maintenance to Business Objectives
Strategies are specific and calibrated.
Instruments and machines meet the
Utility's business objectives within
their present operating context.

Achieve Business Objectives

Planners & Designers
Solutions for Plant Design
Real-Time Process Optimization

Dynamic Setpoints Enable Best Performance
Proactive management of biomass,
oxygen, and chemical balances help
ensure more stable and increased
treatment performance, enhanced
nutrient control, and lowest possible
energy use

Design Optimization

Right-Sized Process Units
With accurate capacity evaluations
and designs, process reactors and
equipment are appropriately sized
for the full dynamic range of
operating and capacity objectives.

System Compatibility

Open-Interface Architecture
Overlay design supports existing in
I&C and SCADA infrastructure to
maintain enterprise system functionality

Lowest Total Aeration Cost

High Precision, Accuracy, and Automation Efficiency
Tight control eliminates under and
over aeration and control system
losses. That saves energy and extends
control component and blower
service life

Equipment Optimization

Application-Based Equipment Sizing
The selection and sizing of equipment
- including aeration, blowers, mixers,
pumps, and chemical feed - reflect
true min/max requirements and
field performance factors


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